Naomi Clinton's Hairwhere
Naomi Clinton's Hairwhere

Naomi Clinton Hairwhere

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Full-Service Beauty Salon and Hair Replacement Center

When it comes to quality Hair Pieces and Styling services, Naomi Clinton's HairWhere is your trusted partner.  We offer an assortment of Synthetic and Natural Human Hair that you can choose from.  We provide Factory approved styling facilities for Synthetic -- Make it look new again!! - and for the Human Hair - Does it need more hair? we have factory services that will add the hair you need in those expensive units.


We also provide a full range of Salon Services from Haircuts to Coloring; Straightening to Permanents; Blow Dry to Brazillian Blowout --- and Everything in between. Contact us in Anaheim Hills, CA for an appointment or just for information! We are always ready to Help!

Mission Statement

Everyone would like to have Healthy and Beautiful Hair like you did when you were a youngster.  Unfortunately, for what ever reason, very few are able to retain that status and for many of us the hair just falls out leaving us with thin or even no hair on our head at all. We can fix the dilemma! Give us a chance and we'll make you look better than you did as a kid!