Naomi Clinton's Hairwhere

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About Us

Naomi Clinton's HairWhere was founded by Charles Beyers (my Father) in 1951. He was a manufacturing chemist and made many lotions and creams, a full line of Cosmetics and practiced his trade in the many shows across the USA.

During the course of business he encountered a fellow by the name See Wang. Mr Wang was a salesman out of Hong Kong and was selling Turbines with bangs attached. He needed someone to peddle his product that spoke proper English and was a part of the American Society.  He selected "Chuck" to be that person and he made a good choice... they became friends as well as business associates.  Mr Wang had access to everything in the hair industry, hence, Chuck became the main distributor for hair goods from Hong Kong.                                                                                                                     

From that day to this, we have been in the Hair Industry.  My father, god rest his soul, passed away in 1989 leaving me with all of the equipment , the inventory, even his helpers. I was able to continue with his legacy without ever closing for even 1 day.

My wife, Jennifer, is a very creative person and she expressed interest in going to school and gaining knowledge in in the Wig & Toupee industry. She arranged to meet with the right people and ended up becoming a professional Wig & Toupee specialist.  She is working in the store every day and is the Store Manager boasting about 25 years in the hair industry and man, does she know her stuff!

Come on over to the shop.  We're in Anaheim Hills on the corner of Imperial Hwy and La Palma Ave (by Chase Bank).  714-777-5786. My name is Jim & we will be looking for you!